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Access To Law
"Access To Law" (www.falvm.com.cn) is a one-stop professional China portal developed by Beijing Fa Xun Network Technology Co., Ltd, the joint venture company established between iSinolaw and Law Press China. It comprises of one of the most comprehensive China Law e-book library housing over 3,000 titles of books published by Law Press China, together with an addition of 800 books each year. This professional e-book library provides a variety of modern searching tools, thus allowing users to experience a convenient and user friendly reading environment.

To better serve the needs of the users, the library is divided into 3 sections:
Electronic Library for Judges
Electronic Library for Lawyers
Electronic Library for Law Schools
1. e-Books Library for Judges --- is specially designed for Chinese and international judges and legal researchers. The existing collection is consisted of over 1,000 books, including civil adjudication, criminal adjudication, administrative adjudication, civil and commercial arbitration, execution and adjudication supervision, court management and adjudication experience, court judgments, and laws, regulations and judicial interpretations.
2. e-Books Library for Lawyers --- is specially designed for practicing lawyers and legal professionals. The existing collection consists of over 1,000 books, including criminal defense, capital market, court judgments, real estate, non-litigation, contract and tort, intellectual property, and professional skills and law firm management.
3. e-Books Library for Law Schools --- is specially designed for University professors, scholars and students. The existing collection consists of over 2,000 books, which are classified into 6 categories, including teaching materials, academic publications, collection of academic articles, practical cases, laws and regulations and judicial examination guidance materials.