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Our Publications
(a) China Law Reports
The China Law Reports is the first English publication composed of all significant cases in the People’s Republic of China. The English edition of the Reports involves the translation of the Chinese text into English and extensive editing. It has received the full support of the Supreme People’s Court, the Senior Judges Training Centre and the People’s University of China.

(b) Selected Works of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Awards
To meet the needs of the commercial and legal community, CIETAC decided to publish the English version of the Selected Works of CIETAC Awards. Through the awards, readers can see the attitudes of the CIETAC arbitrators is to uphold justice, reasonableness, making judgment on facts and laws and to be fair to both domestic and international parties.

(c) Selected Works of China Maritime Arbitration Commission Awards
To meet the need of the international community, this English series is published for the benefit of the readers from other parts of the world. Readers will learn the philosophy, idea and rationale behind the practices of CMAC and be able to understand the system in its full form.

(d) Contract Precedents for Doing Business in China
A comprehensive, clear and concise series of contracts and forms for commercial transactions and doing business is an indispensable and essential reference for self-starters in particular. We aim to make available to as wide a readership as possible an accurate and well-rounded picture of the contracts or forms essential to starting and doing business in China.

(e) Banking Law of the People’s Republic of China
This work is the first to offer an in-depth analysis of the banking law of China after the signature of the World Trade Organization agreement. A hugely important change, Chinese signature of the WTO means that banks will have access to protection in the world's most populous country.